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The Mayrhofen Taxi Company

The history of Taxi Kröll

Taxi Kröll is a family-run business that has has been in operation for over 70 years. In 1943, the company's founder, Matthias Kröll, together with his wife Anna, applied for a licence to carry people.

Matthias Kröll was one of the first people to begin running a "transport business" in Zillertal in the 1920s. During and after the First World War he operated horse-drawn transport into the 'Gründe' and valleys around Mayrhofen mainly for groceries.

With his first truck he then ran courier services between Innsbruck and Upper Zillertal, particularly during the Second World War. The family firm and its trucks were also used in the building of hydroelectric stations in Häusling and Rosshag, and for the building of dams in Zillergründl and Schlegeis. The last of Matthias Kröll's trucks was 'decommissioned' when building work on the Tauern Power Station in Zilletal was finished, which made the taxi business necessary.

Together with his son Peter Kröll (Managing Director since the 1980s) and his daughterl Eisabeth Freund, Matthias Kröll has established the company as the Zillertal's leading taxi firm. On 1 January 2013, Markus Freund followed in the family footsteps and took over managing the firm that is now in its 3rd generation.